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Bed Bugs Are Pesky Little Crawlers

Bed Bugs Are Pesky Little Crawlers

Bed bugs are pesky little crawlers that can deliver devastating bites and render your space inhabitable. They also have an offensive odor and will quickly multiply if left to thrive. As such, it is essential to find effective ways to get rid of bugs in your house. Infestation might require advanced exterminating from certified professionals, considering bed bugs are resistant to most pesticides. It is highly recommendable to contact a professional exterminator, which is the only sure way to get rid of all bed bugs in your home. However, bed bug control does not stop with one visit from the exterminator. You will still be required to implement prevention practices and call for repeated extermination until there is no bed bug left within your spaces.

Spotting the bed bugs

Bed bugs thrive and breed when they have access to food and water. They mainly rely on your blood and tend to feed at night, although some bugs can still bite during the day. However, if you remove the clutter in the room and ensure sufficient lighting, most bites will occur at night. To spot the bugs, strip all pillowcases and sheets from your bed and place them inside a plastic garbage bag to prevent them from escaping and infesting other parts. You should also inspect all the tight spaces for fecal spots, eggshells and skin sheds, musky offensive stink, blood stains on your pillowcase, and rusty spots on walls, clothes and furniture.

Take bags to the washing machine, use warm water to eliminate all bugs, vacuum the bed by targeting the mattress seams and pillows, box spring, bed frames, headboard, footboard and other structures. Bed bugs love dark spaces surrounded by clutter and loose dirt. This is why you will find them hidden along crevices and narrow cracks in your house. Although they mostly flock the bed, you can find bugs all over the house, especially along cracks in furniture, including wall art, cabinets, doors, windows and wooden frames. Bugs can also thrive inside books, carpets and baseboards.

Compare your extermination solutions

Although the immediate priority is to stop the biting, it is crucial to kill all the bed bugs in your bed and make it bite-proof. You should find quick solutions to prevent further attacks if you spot the bugs or suffer the painful bites. Most homes lack the required equipment and pesticides, so you should schedule professional extermination as soon as possible. Here are the two popular bed bug extermination solutions you will find in most pest management companies.

Heat Treatment for bed bugs– This method involves raising the room temperature to kill off all bed bugs in their hiding places. Bugs cannot thrive in extreme conditions and bed bugs are particularly scared of hot temperatures. Heat treatment for bed bugs requires a PMP (pest management professional) and involves using specialized equipment. The bugs and their eggs will die within 90 minutes of heat treatment or when the temperature reaches 50°C (122°F).

Spray and powder pesticides- The exterminator will spray and powder all cracks and crevices in the room. The goal here is to kill off all bugs you might have missed and set a lasting defense against eggs that will hatch in the coming weeks. There are various types of sprays and powders available for killing bed bugs, including contact and residual options. It is recommendable to choose companies that use a combination of both to target both existing and future bed bugs.

Professional bed bug extermination

Preventing pest infestation usually involves destroying their breeding sites and cutting off food and water supply. This will stop the infestation from continuing any further, allowing you to focus on getting rid of existing populations. However, bed bugs can survive long in dry places waiting for the opportunity to feed and the infestation can be overwhelming to deal with using DIY methods. It spreads fast and eggs can hatch weeks after your extermination attempts, resulting in new populations. This cycle can be painful to break unless you maintain regular cleaning, spraying and powdering. It is also crucial to continue proofing your home against bed bugs, making sure space offers no food source or inhabitable breeding sites.

If you want to get rid of bugs once and for all, it is recommendable to call in advanced exterminating services. Pesticides carry extensive profiles of adverse effects, so you should understand the implications of using each product you use. The safer option is to hire professional exterminators that can devise practical solutions to remove bed bugs permanently. When you call in exterminators, ask for long-lasting solutions and DIY recommendations to prevent future infestation. You should also choose credible licensed professionals with a growing reputation in the market. Bed bugs are some of the most resilient and pesticide-resistant insects, so you need trusted exterminators that have experience dealing with this type of pest.

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