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Cockroaches Are Common Pests

Cockroaches Are Common Pests

Cockroaches are common household pests, but you can find them everywhere, from homes to restaurants and airplanes. They are masters at hiding and can crawl through wall crevices, follow roof frames, or even reach your home through drain pipes. When left unresolved, roach infestation can quickly get out of hand, considering these insects can lay 120 – 320 eggs in a lifetime. Roaches also transfer salmonella parasites from one food to another. It is essential to promptly control the infestation to get rid of all cockroaches in your home. However, there are several things to consider before you start spraying chemicals all over your house. As a rule of thumb, you should entrust cockroach extermination to pest management professionals, certified and fully-equipped to provide effective solutions.

Types of cockroaches

It is crucial to know the type of roaches you are dealing with. Some can be exterminated using simple methods, while others are resistant and challenging to eliminate, calling for advanced exterminating services. Identifying the type of roach infesting your home will also help you reduce the source of attraction and find a quick solution. You will even know the favorite hiding places to target with your extermination options. Here’s a look at the popular types of cockroaches you may sight in your home.

German cockroach – The German roach is about one-eighth of an inch when hatched and grows to about half an inch. They are light brown and have two stripes running down the pronotum. The roaches also have wings but cannot use them to fly. However, they run fast and can be challenging to control without dedicated professional German cockroach extermination.

American cockroach – This is the largest roach measuring about 1.5 inches with the capacity to grow to 2 inches. The American roach has reddish-brown wings and a lifespan of one year. They love places with plenty of water and food, so you will find the most significant outdoor populations. The best way to deal with an American roach infestation is to call a pest management professional.

Oriental cockroach – These roaches love to stay in dump areas and seek shelter away from extreme weather. They are dark brown and grow to about 1 – 2 inches. Oriental cockroaches will thrive in any place with plenty of water and are sometimes referred to as water bugs. Since control requires identifying problem areas and using pesticides, it is recommendable to involve a professional experienced in exterminating oriental roaches.

Wood cockroach – Wood roaches are chestnut brown and can measure up to 1.25 inches. These wandering invaders thrive outdoors but can find a way to your home if they live somewhere close. They resemble German roaches but are native to North America. Wood roaches are also resistant to most pesticides, although it is rare to spot a full-blown infestation unless you have bundles of firewood and logs.

Other roaches – There are several other types of cockroaches, including Surinam, Smoky-Brown, Florida-Woods, and Australian and Asian roaches. Each type is different and poses a unique threat. If you aren’t sure what roach you have in your home, simply contact the pest control company with the full description. You can also find professionals that offer free consultancy and inspection to determine the extermination solution required for the roaches infesting your space.

How to control cockroaches

When dealing with roaches, you should focus on finding the strongest pest protection you can get. Most cockroaches will hide in tight spaces and prefer wooden surfaces. You will find them in kitchen cabinets, cardboard boxes, wooden joints and frames. The control method you choose will depend on the type of roaches and the stage of infestation. Some, such as wooden roaches, can be picked using a vacuum cleaner. However, it is recommendable to involve an expert, especially if you have a full-blown infestation. The first step is to identify the affected areas and apply pesticides, gels, or baits to reduce the cockroach population in those areas.

Roach control almost always involves using pesticides to poison the roaches and kill off newly hatched cockroaches that feed on the dead roaches or their poisonous fecal matter. As such, the extermination is best left to professionals. The exterminator will inspect and treat all affected areas using the best solutions, usually a combination of vacuuming, contact sprays, and residual sprays. You should also remove clutter and clean your home regularly to reduce the attraction that brings cockroaches into your home.

When to call for professional extermination

Roaches are household pests that are daunting to exterminate. They hide in small cracks and can also thrive in your lawns and backyards. If you have significant populations infesting your space, DIY practices may not be enough. In this case, you need professional exterminator services that can get rid of all roaches permanently. Roaches can lay eggs that hatch days after the extermination, so you should always consider long-lasting defenses. Choose exterminators that can provide both contact and residual pesticides and insecticides to kill new roaches that hatch from eggs you missed.

Pest exterminators can remove all roaches from your home. However, not all offers you come across are desirable. It is still crucial to find highly reputed exterminators that can guarantee high-quality services and safety. If you are concerned about the pesticides, you can inquire if the exterminator offers organic solutions and natural methods to deal with the roaches. A professional is crucial if you can no longer handle the infestation. Make sure you compare the pest exterminator cost and discuss all solutions to help you choose wisely.

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