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Termites Treatment Longmont, CO

Highly Reliable Termite Treatment

Termites can cause serious problems. Genuine infestations can potentially lead to irreversible damage to your home or business. If you feel your property is vulnerable to pests, get in touch with Bugs and Beyond Pest & Wildlife Control as soon as possible.

We offer various residential and commercial termite treatment plans. Once we locate the root of the problem, we can help you get rid of it! We will be happy to make recommendations and answer all your questions.

All treatments are kid, pet, and environmentally friendly so that your family can feel safe and remain pest free.

Treatment Plans

Soil treatment – Our soil treatment option involves application of a liquid (around the foundation of your home or business) and interior injections. If we find evidence of termite activity, we will directly inject the liquid into the affected wood and walls to destroy termite feeding sites.

Baiting programs – Our baiting programs entail the installation of bait stakes in the ground surrounding the foundation of your home or business. It is a very effective way to monitor activity if you have a pre-existing termite problem. Once a problem is found, the stakes are switched to bait. The termites will begin to feed and will return the poison bait to their nest, where the bait will take care of the rest!


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